Quality education stressed



Pokhara, April 10 (RSS) Speakers at an interaction program in Pokhara on Monday gave emphasis on making teachers, parents and school management committee more accountable to ensure quality in public education while drafting the laws on education in the province and local levels. 

In the program organized by National Network for Education Nepal, they said quality education was required for the prosperity of country and people. 

According to the speakers, new policies were needed targeting the backward class and communities to provide them with a quality education. 

On the occasion, Dr Baburam Adhikari said that the new public education should avail the students with information and technology. 

Presenting a working paper, educationist Prof. Dr. Manaprasad Wagle said that the governments of all three levels should allocate sufficient budget in education adding that sustainable and quality education is the need of the hour for the nation’s prosperity. 

Wagle was of the opinion that the community schools in the backward communities should be provided with sufficient resources and the students in such schools should be given day meal, textbooks and school uniforms to ensure their access to education. 

Likewise, former secretary Balananda Poudel presented a working paper on ‘local level education in federalism’ and suggested that real cause of students’ absence in the schools should be identified and the environment conducive should be created from the local level itself to continue the students’ presence at the school. 

Selected local levels’ representatives from 24 districts, stakeholders and experts were present in the program.