Public schools in Karnali state are yet to receive textbooks


The Kathmandu Post

CHANDANI KATHAYAT, BHIM BAHADUR SINGH, Birendranagar / Jajarkot, Two months after the new academic session started in various districts of the Karnali Province, public schools in the region are still reeling under a shortage of text books.

This delay in the distribution of books has been attributed to the delay in the disbursement of budget by local units to respective schools, and problems in transporting books to various districts. Half of the school books allotted for various schools in the Karnali Province are sitting idle at the province headquarters in Birendranagar.

The Karnali office of the Janak Shiksha Samagri Kendra (JSSK) stated that the province schools are facing the shortage because of the suppliers’ failure to reach the office on time to collect the books for sales and distribution. Office Chief Dhan Bahadur KC said only 440,365 of the 848,810 books sent for the public schools in Karnali have been sold so far.

“We have sufficient academic books for all schools. We had also published a notice asking the agents to come and collect the books, but many of them have not shown up,” said KC. 
Public schools of Karnali region have been affected the most due to the delay in the budget disbursement.

However, all local units in Surkhet were able to deposit the budget amount to the accounts of public schools in time.  The JSSK had already distributed text books at Dolpa, Humla and Jumla by mid-February as the academic session in the districts begins from February 13. The centre is currently distributing books in Mugu, Jajarkot, Kalikot, Dailekh and Surkhet as well.

However, distributors in Humla complained of not having enough secondary level books even though two of the three distribution centres in the district have been selling secondary level books to various public schools.

Meanwhile, Barsha Bahadur Fadera, chief of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, said that the text books have been transported to Simikot by air, as they could not be transported by road due to heavy snowfalls.