Pokhara University published New Exam Schedule of Bachelor Level: Fall 2019 and Exam Center


Pokhara University today published new fall semester examination schedule for the examination of various Bachelor level programs . 

Examination routine of these Bachelor level programs for fall semesters was published today.  The examinations will start from 29th April, 2019. 

  1. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders
  3. Bachelor of Civil and Rural Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Architecture
  5. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  6. Bachelor of Electronic and Communication Engineering
  7. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
  8. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  10. BBA
  11. BBA-BI
  12. BCIS
  13. BCA
  14. BHCM
  15. BHM
  16. BBA-TT
  17. BPH
  18. B.Pharm.
  19. B.Sc.MLT
  20. B.Sc. Biochemistry
  21. B.Sc. Environmental Management
  22. B.Sc.MM
  23. B.Sc. MB
  24. B. Physiotherapy
  25. B. Optometry
  26. Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS)
  27. Bachelor of English and Communication Studies (BECS)

Download Exam Schedule from the link given below


Pokhara University Fall Semester Exam Center Notice-2019


1) All the Examination starts from 7.00  AM. The duration of Examinations shall be of 3 hours.
2) Internal marks submission date: 28th April, 2019
3) All colleges must submit examination forms only at office of the controller of examinations, Pokhara Lekhnath and it is mandatory.
4) Examinations  for Engineering Drawing will be conducted on their concerned colleges.