PSC waiting for its office bearers' decision



The Public Service Commission (PSC) has said it was waiting for a final decision of the PSC office-bearers, who are scheduled to hold a meeting soon in regard to a protest against its vacancy announcement. A decision will be taken in response to the direction by the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee to annul its vacancy announcement for the local level. 

Application collection for the announcement would not be halted however until the meeting of PSC office bearers decides on the matter, it clarified. The PSC on Wednesday received a letter from the Committee directing it to cancel the vacancy announcement calling it unfair. "The Committee's direction has been registered with the PSC. A proposal in this regard will be put in the meeting of PAC office bearers. We will give a final decision on the matter only after consultations among PSC office bearers. The PSC will honour the decision of the meeting. Until then, the application collection will not halt," said PSC's Spokesperson Kiran Raj Sharma. 

On Monday, the Committee had directed the government to stop the announcement for a total of various 9,161 government positions at local level. Commenting on the matter, Sharma said the PSC is a 'fair' body, and it follows the law and constitution and does not want to be caught up in any sort of disputes. 

Approximately 95,000 people have applied for the vacancies so far, according to Sharma. Against the vacancy announcement, the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities on Wednesday launched a protest at Maitighar Mandala. They demanded scrapping of the announcement and a fresh vacancy announcement as it they said did not allocate reservation quotas for marginalised and indigenous communities. 

Likewise, Sajha Bibeksheel Party Nepal carried out a protest against the direction by the Committee at Maitighar Mandala demanding withdrawal of the direction. The protestors also chanted slogans like "stop intervention in the PSC, stop playing with the future of students".