Province Minister vows to provide Practical and Technical Education


Tanahun, Jestha 10, MInister of Social Development of Province 4, Mrs. Nara Devi Pun promises to provide practical and technical education. In the closing of a 10-day programme aimed to prepare women in Teacher Service Commission, Minister pun said priority must be given to ensure internet accessibility to get educational materials. 

Mrs. Pun told that teachers are the medium to change the society and qualified, capable, skilled, and imaginative skills can bring progressive change in the society. Minister Pun compared teachers to boat rower, just like a boat rower helps the travelers cross the river with his boat, teachers help the students to cross the river of knowledge.

She also said teachers are the leaders of the society.  She also told that the government should spend adequate budget in the education sector to increase the capability of teachers. “It is our responsibility to make efficient and healthy citizens but there is not adequate budget in education. If efficient and healthy citizens are not produced then investment in other sectors will also be ruined”, Minister Pun said. 

She also advised the trainees to use skills learned in training to be selected in Teacher Service Commission and also wish them luck.