Province 2 to set up ‘education centres’ in rainstorm hit areas of Bara and Parsa


The Kathmandu Post

- AJIT TIWARI, JANAKPUR, The Province 2 government has decided to set up ‘education centres’ in the rainstorm affected areas of Parsa and Bara districts to boost the morale of the displaced children. According to the government, preparation to run facilities for children living in the temporary settlement is underway. The centre will have facilities for children to learn and engage in stress-relieving activities including sports. 

In a meeting of the Provincial Assembly on Wednesday, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav, minister for internal affairs and law, said that education centres will be established immediately in all eight storm affected areas of Bara and Parsa districts. 

Yadav said, “Children can learn as well as play in the education centres. We will provide books and other essentials to students free of cost,” said Yadav, adding that the government will soon start reconstructing all the rainstorm ravaged school buildings in the two districts. 

Yadav said the provincial government has drawn out seven clusters to distribute relief materials and that his government is taking steps to move the survivors from tarpaulin shelters to proper tents. “The rainstorm hit areas have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and we cannot let the survivors stay out in the open,” said Yadav.