Province 2 CM insists on technical education to transform society



Mahendranagar, Dhanusha, April 4 (RSS):Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut has said he is committed to developing the province into a hub for technical education. 

Speaking at an interaction programme on 'educational course of action, organisation and responsibility' organised by the Social Development Ministry here today, the Chief Minister said," Conventional education can't change the face of province, and promotion of technical education will be the focus of the government in the days to come." 

In his view, citizens acquiring technical education will have self competency and they can contribute to the nation. 

Stating that over 200 thousand children were till out of schools in Province 2 alone, he said the 'send girls to schools, save girls' campaign had been incorporated in the Province's 100-day action plan which was unveiled recently. 

Social Development Minister Nawal Kishore Saha presided over the programme. On the occasion, others participants highlighted the importance of education, its opportunities and challenges