Province 1 set to bring new education policy


Himalayan News Service

Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai has said that his government is all set to bring a new education policy for the province.

“As the existing education policy of the country has apparently failed to produce necessary manpower for the country, we are working to devise a new policy that will ensure quality education and produce required manpower for the country,” observed Rai, inaugurating a newly-constructed building of Pashupati Shikshya Mandir in Morang's Katahari Rural Municipality today.

Further, the Chief Minister clarified his government's stance on private investment in education and said, “We aren't against private investment in education sector, the only thing is we want private sector to be a bit service-oriented rather than being totally driven by profit motive.” “But, we again need private investment and welcome such investment in education and health, which are our priorities,” he added.

Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri, who also participated in the programme, said his government was ready to help in the development of the province. Parliamentary member Shiva Kumar Mandal, on his part, also stressed the need of a new education policy for the prosperity and development of the country.