Protest in the Education Office after teachers were absent in the School



Bajhang, Chaitra 1: Students of Ishwor School located in Bajhang, have gone in protest as they have no teachers in class, even though the yearly exam is being conducted in the school. 

After the completion of the Nepali subject Examination in the third day of the annual exam, parents postponed other subject examinations and went on a one-day travel on foot to the Education office in the district headquarter Chainpur, where they conducted a protest. Dhirendra Bik, a student who studies in grade 8, said that 8 teachers who had given the question papers have not yet returned to the school. He informed that the exam was being conducted with the help of the office helper.

Another student, Minbahadur Bik, said that there was a problem to ask the question which was not understood. He said that since the subject teachers gave the responsibility of question papers to the office helper and had stayed at home, they were forced to go to the Education Office. The school conducts classes from Grade 1 to 8. Even though the examination of Grade 8 is supposed to be conducted on Chaitra 8, examination of other classes was started on Falgun 26. 

Parbati Bohora, a parent, accused the teachers of not coming to the school on time, not conducting classes daily and staying at home for a long period of time. The school has a total of 8 teachers. She shared experiences where she had sent her children to school at 10 a.m. and they had returned home by 11 a.m. Even though the management committee had given direction to the teachers to come to school on time, the teachers asked for forgiveness and promised to come to school on time daily. Later on, they would just come to school for a weak and teach 5/6 lessons and would then stay at home for months. Students said that the teachers did not even listen to the parents and not even a single subject’s course was completed. 

Kalak Bohara, a teacher of the school, said that he had come to Chainpur to give the examination for the commission. He said that the Principal of the school, Birendra Kathayat, had taken the salary of all the teachers and had gone to India. District Education Officer, Suryabahadur Singh, said that he had just received the information, and promised to send the respective teachers to the school.