Private schools agree to grant 10 percent scholarship


Republica National Daily

Private and Boarding Schools´ Organization and National Private and Boarding School Association have agreed to set aside 10 percent of the total admissions at its member schools for students who come from the poorest of poor sections of society.
A decision in this regard was taken during a meeting on Monday between the officials from the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Department of Education (DoE), Private and Boarding Schools Association of Nepal (PABSON), N-PABSON and the Guardian´s Association of Nepal.
The new agreement would oblige the schools to follow the existing provision under the Education Regulation, 2006, which requires the private schools to make sure that 10 percent of the total students comprise of those living below the poverty line, said the MoE spokesperson Mahashram Sharma.
“Many private schools have been providing scholarships during mid-term making it difficult for the government bodies to monitor the transparency in distribution,” said Sharma.
But with the ministry acting tough, some 450 schools have already agreed to cooperate with the government in its plan to benefit a large number of students from the new academic session that begins in April. 
News courtesy: Republica National Daily