Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus vandalised


Himalayan News Service

Students of the Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus  resorted to vandalism at the campus today in protest of part-time teachers’ pendown that has shut the campus.

They vandalised the administration and Free Students Union buildings after talks between the campus administration and the agitating teachers ended inconclusively last night, after which the administration issued a notice announcing the closure of the campus for two days.

Commenting on the part-time teachers’ protest for their elevation as contract-based teachers, Campus Chief Gehandreshwor Koirala said, “It is the Tribhuvan University, that can address the teachers’ demands.” He said the campus has incurred a loss of two lakh rupees in the vandalism.

Rajan Poudel, chairperson of the Part-Time Teachers’ Association (PN Campus), said the campus did not bother to appoint part-time teachers in contract teachers’ positions that have been lying vacant.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)