Prior ethical approval mandatory for any kind of health research to be conducted in Nepal



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Realizing the need to maintain a balance between the necessity to generate precise evidences for the purpose of health planning to one hand and the imperative to protect the interests of the participants in research, the act for the Nepal Health Research Council was promulgated by Government of Nepal in 1991 (2047). As specified by section 11 of the act, a person or organization who intends to do research works on health has to obtain permission of the Council.

NHRC has constituted an Independent Ethical Review Board (ERB) for the purpose of reviewing all the research proposals in health. The ERB has been mandated by the Executive Board of NHRC to review the research proposals with a purpose of providing ethical approval as well as to ensure that the research is conducted according to the approved protocol.

This is thus to notify all concerned (any individual or organization both government as well as non-government and bilateral and multilateral agencies) within the country and outside the country (those who intend to conduct health research in Nepal) they must get ethical approval from the ERB of NHRC before undertaking any research involving human participation.

Such research must be carried out according to the provisions outlined in National Ethical Guidelines for Health Research in Nepal. It is within the mandate of NHRC to stop research being conducted without its ethical approval. NHRC has the right to monitor the research protocol approved by it and stop those research activities found deviating from the approved protocol. General public is also requested to ask from the researchers about the approval from NHRC if anybody approaches them for participation in any research.

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