Prime International School officially starts Talent Hunt 2020 this week


Ujjwal Kandel

Prime International School opened registrations for Talent Hunt 2020 on July 19, as they announce the start of this year’s Prime Edutainment Program. The Talent Hunt is one of three categories of the edutainment program and is an opportunity for students to explore the creativity and genius within themselves. Keeping the theme for the Edutainment Program this year: “Students connect Students” in mind, the competition is establishing itself as a way for students to follow their passions and inspire other students to follow suit.

The Talent Hunt is strictly for 2077’s SEE students only and it has three separate categories: Singing, Photography, and Public Speaking. The competition’s winner will be taking home a cash prize of Rs. 8,000 and a 100% scholarship on registration fees. All other participants will also receive a 50% scholarship on the registration fees. The judge’s panel for each category consists of up and coming individuals which include Megha Shrestha, Shreya Rai, Aayush Man Kayastha, Sebika Maharjan, and Shristi Pradhan. The judges will first select the best from each category out of all the submissions, and public voting amongst those selections via Facebook will determine the winners for the entire competition.

If you’re feeling like you’re up for the challenge, then register for Talent Hunt 2020. Here, you will find all the other specifics of the competition including the selection and judgment criteria, technical specifics on how to participate, and so on. The deadline for the competition is on July 31.  You can find more updates on the competition and the Edutainment Program as a whole on Prime International School’s Facebook page.