Preparation of Annual Examinations without books



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Rukum, Falgun 12: With the SEE Exam being held in a month, Prakash Khadka, studying in class 10 in Janta Secondary School, located in Sisne Rural Municipality – 3, Pokhara, said that they have not yet received books of Compulsory Nepali and Health and Population. Bhupendra Bista of Gyanodaya Secondary School, located in Aathbiskot Municipality-10, Syalakhdi, said that with less than a month remaining for the end of the session examinations, books of educational geography and educations have not yet been available.

Most of the community school students here have the same problem. Even though the time for the annual examination is coming near, new books have not yet been available complained, the students of Gyanjyoti Secondary School, Gotamkot. "We have not received books for Compulsory Nepali, Health and Population, optional geography and educational books yet," said Ramita Yari a student of class 10, “We have talked to school many times for providing us books.” They said that they were preparing for the examinations without having yet seen the new books.

Some students have come to the district headquarters Musikot to study since books were not available in the village and classes had also not been properly conducted. Student Sandip KC said that since books had not reached the school even when the date of examinations was coming near they had no option but to go to the headquarters to study tuition for three months while living in rent.

According to teachers, the District Education Office has not sent enough money for the purchase of the books which was the main reason for not providing all the students with new books. Lal Bahadur Pun, a teacher of Gyanjyoti Secondary School, said that they were conducting the study with few old books as well as new books. The same problem prevailed last year too where most of the community school students did not receive textbooks.