Political meddling delays TU interviews


Himalayan News Service

The chief of Tribhuvan University Service Commission today said the commission was forced to postpone interviews for lecturers in the Management faculty due to political lobbying.

The commission postponed the interviews to the first week of September after UCPN-Maoists aligned professors’ demanded that “their candidates be chosen.”

“Politicisation in the appointment of lecturers would have an adverse effect on the quality of education,” said Commission chair Ishwor Chandra Dutta.

Purna Lamichhane, secretary of the Maoist-affiliated Nepal National Professors’ Organisation, said that their protest was not for their share in appointments but for a fair process. “The interview panel had CPN-UML leaning,” he alleged.

The interview panel consists of chairman of TU Service Commission, a member of commission, a member of Public Service Commission and professors. The commission invited its secretary’s brother-in-law to be one of the adjudicators, alleged Lamichhane.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)