Pokhara University published various results



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Pokhara University office of the controller of examination today published the results of  B.Arch, BE Computer, BEIT, BE software Engineering and BPH. 

Similarly it also published the results of BBA 7th and 8th semester, BBA-BI 8th semester, BBA-TT 8th semester and BCIS 8th semester.

To view your results click the link below: 

  1. B.Arch. 10th semester:  Architecture 10th  
  2. BE Computer 8th semester: BE Computer 8th  
  3. BEIT 8th semester:    BEIT 8th   
  4. BE Software Engineering 8th semester:  BESE 8th
  5. BPH 7th semester: BPH_7th and 
  6. BPH 8th semester: BPH_8th.xlsx_Cist      
    BPH_8th.xlsx_Nobel      BPH_8th.xlsx_Noc     BPH_8th.xlsx_Shas    LA Grandee
  7. BBA 7th Semester: BBA_7th
  8. BBA 8th Semester: BBA_8th
  9. BBA-BI 8th Semester: BBA-BI_8th
  10. BBA-TT 8th semester: BBA-TT_8th
  11. BCIS 8th semester: BCIS_8th
  12. BCA 8th Semester: BCA_8th
  13. BHCM 7th semester: BHCM_7th
  14. BHCM 8th semester: BHCM_8th
  15. BHM 8th semester: BHM_8th