Plus Two Ads - Reality Or Gimmick?



with a flurry of advertisements both in the electronic and print media, and on hoarding boards and banners, having lured a sizeable number of SLC graduates, most of the plus two schools are all set to begin the new session now.

Such advertisements are usually presented in a glamorous, ultramodern and ambitious setting in various media. Obviously, the ads take everyone by surprise, not being able to distinguish whether they are of some plus two school or of some delicious food, a gorgeous catwalk, a scientific research centre, a shopping mall or an international laboratory.

The plus two schools have used every tactic in their ads to lure students from across the country. Even the newly established institutions have advertised themselves as being the most renowned educational centres. Renowned even before their launch?

Moreover, inaugurals by former vice-chancellors, senior educationists, Ph.D. holders along with educationists are a growing fad. Using big names in the advertisements, tagging Ph.D. holders as faculty members and advisors, assuring scientific teaching methods beyond the way Einstein and Newton taught, psychometric tests, trite use of the word ‘international’ including numerous foreign names of places and colleges are a common ploy. All of the plus two institutions claim high standards of education and publish school records and print the photos of plus two graduates and even the promoters in order to attract a sizable number of SLC graduates.

Not all plus two institutions have begun their new academic session yet. It would, thus, be prudent if the SLC graduates checked the plus two institutions they opted for and see if they are as good as they appeared in the brochures. Not only the SLC graduates but also their parents should be aware of such gimmicks and exaggerations.

The SLC graduates must have been at the crossroads which plus two to join. But why don’t they give a thought to see whether the plus twos are cheating them? Dear parents, are the plus twos not fleecing you? We must be aware of the educational institutions which are mushrooming in every building at every junction in the capital. The commercialisation of education has hit hard the quality of education. Tagging professors and Ph. D. to plus two institutions does not ensure quality education.

The government has shown utter negligence in checking and monitoring the mushrooming number of plus two schools at every chowk. What are the criteria they should have fulfilled before establishing a plus two institution? Have they met the demands set by the concerned authorities such as the Higher Secondary Education Board and the Education Ministry? What is the class size? Are the professors as advertised found in the plus two institutions?

Similarly, is the environment congenial for the provision of quality education? What is the physical distance to be maintained between two plus two institutions? What should be the standard fee structure? If these questions are not given any thought to by the concerned authority and action is not initiated in time, the spurt in the number of plus twos will continue, and will continue to hoodwink the students and guardians.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)