Recruitment process of govt officials to go unhindered



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Kathmandu, Sept. 8: The process for new recruitment of government officials from the Public Service Commission (PSC) is to continue unaffected after the State Affairs Committee of the Legislature Parliament directed the PSC not to stop the recruitment process. 

A meeting of the Committee held Friday directed the PSC not to include the point of postponing the officials' recruitment during the draft of the adjustment bill. 

Earlier, the Committee itself had directed to postpone the recruitment process for a year for the civil servants' adjustment while going for federalism. 

PSC's Joint-Spokesperson Devi Prasad Subedi said that the Committee's decision is a welcome step saying that the PSC would begin the recruitment process. 

"We had already published our annual calendar. After the Committee's decision, we will call for application after doing homework as per the annual calendar," Subedi shared. 

He also said that the Ministry of General Administration would be written Sunday to provide the details of the vacant posts and advertisement, examinations. Result publications would be carried out as per the prescheduled routine. RSS