Panel to regulate private schools


Himalayan News Service

The government has formed a nine-member committee to develop criteria for operating private schools and recommend on various issues related to them. A meeting of stakeholders held at the Ministry of Education on Wednesday decided to this effect.

Institutional Schools Operation Criteria Recommending Commi-ttee (ISOCRC) headed by Tek Narayan Pandey, the director at the Department of Education, has been given 15 days to develop standards for running private schools. “A preliminary draft will be prepared in a week and the final report will be submitted to the ministry in 15 days,” said Baikuntha Aryal, District Education Officer, Kathmandu. The committee comprises representatives from the private school owners, guardian association, Kathmandu District Education Office and traffic police.

The panel will develop criteria for school buses and on the numbers of students they will be allowed to carry. During a campaign launched by the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), it was found that some school buses had been carrying students thrice their capacity, while some such vehicles were as old as 40 years. 

“The taskforce will recommend on both the quality of vehicles and the numbers they can carry,” said Geeta Rana, the president of National, Private and Boarding Schools Association Nepal.

Aryal said ISOCRC is also tasked to develop norms on schools’ naming, development of publicity materials, textbook distribution and new school operation. As per the legal provision, schools cannot advertise and start admission before the second week of March. Similarly, selling textbooks and uniforms on school premises is illegal.

(Source: The Kathmandu Post, News by Binod Ghimire)