Over 30 medical colleges of Bangladesh running illegally



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The Embassy of Nepal in Dhaka has stated that many medical colleges in the Bangladesh have been running illegally. These medical colleges are well renowned and many Nepali students are admitted to these colleges.

Eight Colleges of Dhaka have been forbidden by the Government of Bangladesh for new admissions. Several colleges all over the country have been in conflict regarding their quality in education. Mostly the private colleges have come under conflicts while the government colleges are fine till date.

The Embassy of Nepal has already blacklisted some 30 colleges of Bangladesh for prohibiting the students to study in these colleges. Embassy had corresponded with the Ministry of Education of Nepal and Nepal Medical Council for notifying the students about the blacklisted colleges. The embassy further adds that many students who have come to study in Bangladesh without the necessary information have got into trouble.

There are a total of 96 Medical colleges which have obtained the approval from the Health Mnistry of Bangladesh out of which 30 are government colleges and 60 are private, remaining 6 are running under the Defense Ministry of Bangladesh.

According to a local businessman of Dhaka, medical colleges are running in mere rented flats without any necessary infrastructurd. Nepali students are frequently falling for these traps in the name of medical study.

The Government Of Bnagladesh has been stringent lately for the regulation of the hapahazard students enrollement against the rules and running of the colleges disobeying the ethics postulated by the Government. However, efficeint surveillance has not been conducted.

The Embassy of Nepal however is aiming to at least lessen the trouble the Nepali students have to suffer and the unfortunate incidents they face. The death of a Nepali student in the hostel of Dhaka of Pioneer Dental college had raised many questions.

As many as 30 colleges are under suspicion whereas many colleges are running with stay orders from the court. Meanwhile, several others are running against the instructions of the government.

There are tentatively three thousand Nepali students studying in the different medical colleges of Bangladesh. This is the data of students who have come in contact with the Embassy. There might be many who are not in contact with Embassy.The Embassy of Nepal therefore requests the students to do a proper investigation of the colleges they are pursuing and to be in contact with the embassy.

(Source: Kantipur)