Organization of Pokhara University affiliated Colleges - OPEN clarifies regarding enrollment of D+ students



The future of hundreds of students of the first semester pursuing different Bachelors Level program in Management streams at Pokhara University-affiliated private colleges hangs in the balance, as the university decides not to register applications of students who have scored below ‘grade C’ in any subject in grades XI and XII.

The decision has affected 344 students who were granted admission to 42 PU affiliated colleges across the country six months ago. Pokhara University Educational Institute of Nepal (OPEN) wants to clarify in this regard. OPEN says that the Colleges gave admission to D+ students after they received verbal assurance from the University.

The Executive Council and Academic Council of the University on Friday issued a notice stating that students who have secured D+ Grade will be barred from giving examinations. Unlike Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University, Purbanchal University, Mid-Western University, and Far-Western University are enrolling the students with D+ Grade. These Universities are enrolling the students based on the students’ CGPA.

University has asked the detail information about the students of D+ where they were hoped to be registered. Students are in a dilemma as they only got verbal assurance from the University. Pokhara University Educational Institute of Nepal (OPEN) says that the university has not returned the registration fee, application form, and attached certificates of those students who have not meet the eligibility criteria.

The University assured to registered D+ students after the issue was filed in the Supreme court. Later, OPEN took back the case. The meeting of council committee was held on Chaitra 13, 2075 however, there is no written clarification about the decision.

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) Research Committee submitted the report to University informing it to take necessary procedures for enabling the affected students to take the exam immediately. However, the decision was made in contrary to that of the report.

OPEN also states that the University has breached the fundamental right of education. As per the constitution of Nepal, Act, Section 18 (1) (2) (3)  states right of equality and Section 31 states right to education has been invaded and as per Act. Section 133 (2) (3) and 46 states it is right of all students to study the general subjects those who have passed, which is the subject of public interest. Therefore, OPEN request all its stakeholders, guardians and students to help the affected students to enable them to sit for the exam.  

Further, it appeals to conduct the exam soon to ensure the students' future.