Offline mode e-library in Baglung



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18th Mangshir, Baglung

Bidhyamandir Library of Baglung district is one of the oldest libraries in Nepal. The library is in function since 2003 A.D.

Recently, the library has seen the increase in number of visitors with the starting of the offline mode e-library.The facility to use browse and read the books even when in the internet is absent has increased the number of visitors.

The library sees upto over 100 visitors since the offline mode e-library has been started. Visitors are from young to old age readers.

Bidhyamandir Library, Baglung and Library Foundation, Kathmandu had coordinated to take the initiative of the facilitated e-library.

The readers can go thorugh over One lakh books from over ten thousand genres.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)