​ Notice of Mid Western University regarding construction of Campus Building of Constituent Campuses



Mid Western university, Central Office, Surkhet today publishes a a notice regarding construction of the campus builidings of following constitutent campuses. It has notified the selected constitutional campuses to submit detailed project report (DPR) regarding feasibility of running technical/professional subjects. 

Selected campuses are:

  1. Babai Multiple Campus
  2. Bageshwori Multiple Campus
  3. Bheri Gyanodaya Campus
  4. Bheri Shiksha Campus
  5. Musikot Multiple Campus
  6. Narayan Campus
  7. Rara Multiple Campus
  8. Tila Karnali Multiple Campus
  9. Jaljala Multiple Campus
  10. Janata Multiple Campus Surkhet

Required documents

  1. University appllication form 
  2. Detailed Project Report (DPR) for running vocational/technical programs
  3. Consent letter of Tribhuvan University