No development sans education: PM


Himalayan News Service

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today described education as a major precondition for the development of a country. 

Speaking at a programme at Ram Dulari Secondary School in Kalyanpur Municipality, Siraha today, PM Oli, who arrived here for the student enrollment campaign, said, “Though we also need to work on sectors such as electricity, drinking water, road, etc., education is a prime factor, without which development of a country will remain all but a pipe dream.”

Further, expressing his commitment to serve the people in every possible way, the PM said, “As the people trusted us and voted us to power, it's now our turn to pay back that favour by ensuring development and prosperity in their lives.”

On the occasion, the PM also got two kids from an impoverished community admitted to school. Rupa Kumari Khatwe and Pawan Marik Dom were enrolled in the school under the guardianship of the PM.

“The Mithila region known as a region of scholars in the past is performing poorly in the education sector, but I am confident that the region will revive its past glory in the coming days,” he observed.

Hinting at the Madhes-based parties, PM Oli advised political parties in the Madhes to focus on prosperity and development of the region. “Around 61 per cent here are illiterate and the so-called parties of the Madhes are busy staging agitation in the name of politics rather than doing the needful to improve the condition of people here,” he said.

Oli also vowed not to tolerate any unwanted and violent activities including abduction, extortion and the likes. “Now is the time for peace and prosperity after a long transition, so don't spare anyone, any organisation, or underground outfit involved in any unwanted and violent activities,” he told the security agencies.

On his part, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel said the government had plans to declare the country a literate country in two years' time. “The campaign launched by the government this time is not like the usual one initiated by previous governments.