New Federal Education act to be made by government



Nepal Government has started the preparation for passing two types of educaiton laws for the implementation of the constitution. The education act of 2028 B.S. has been amended time and again and the replacement of whcih is thought to be necessary by new education act in the context of eduucational management. Separate law is going to be made for an education which is according to the federal law of Nepal and that ensures the education free of cost upto secondary level.

Government had committed to bring a new education act while passing the 9th amendment to the existing education act last year.

According to the speaker of the Education Ministry, Dr. Hari Lamsal, a proposal for the law that includes the new federal education act and provision for the free of cost secondary level education is handed over to the Nepal Law Commission. The bill is then soon to be sent to the housse of representatives. The meeting of the federal parliament is to sit on 21st of Falgun.

The community schools are compelled to pay the teachers from the internal sources through the donation and fees from the parents whch is agaisnt the provision in the constitution. There has been several rits in the supreme court demanding the free education. However the education ministry has been explaining the inability to make the secondary level education free of cost due to insufficiency of the budget.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)