New Educational Year Started in Mustang from Today



Thini, Mustang, Falgun 2 (RSS): Due to the extreme winter in Mustang, schools are closed for two months: Magh and Paush every year. Due to this reason, a new educational year for them starts on the month of Falgun.

Some schools in the upper part of Mustang district have also been using rotary and new educational year. Nine schools in the village of Gharpajhong and 13 schools in Thasang village, of lower Mustang are beginning from today whereas in Varagung Mukti Chhetra 2 schools are witnessing a rotary educational period and 13 schools have already started classes.

Likewise, six schools in the Lo Ghyakar VDC are in rotary system and 3 schools are starting classes from today. Similarly, all 10 schools in the LoManthang VDC is witnessing rotary education period.

Educational branch officer of Gharpajhong VDC, Mitalal Chapai, said that snow and cold could affect the study operations.

The local people of Mustang who went to Pokhara, Kathmandu, Chitwan Butwal and India etc. to escape the cold also return to their homes beginning with the end of Magh and early Falgun. Due to this, it can be witnessed that the once deserted Mustang has come lively with the presence of local peoples.