A new education act next year



MInister for the Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel has stated that the necessary changes in the public education and the laws incorporating the fundamental education rights will be made within the coming five months. He explained that the matter would be discussed with the state ministers of the seven provinces of the country.

 Education MInister has made several claims and commitments in the interaction program with the social development ministers and secretaries of the seven provinces in Kathmandu. He has  said that the new education act will replace the old rules and regulations based on the 47-year-old Education Act. 

He said that the laws for each province will be made for the operation of the provinces regarding the public education. Meanwhile, the provincial ministers stressed hat tthe MoEST hand over universities, vocational institutions, National Examinations Board, resources and manpower to the provinces according to the Constitution of Nepal. 

A model law would be made for the operation in the time being. Minister Pokharel has stated that the co-ordination between the local, provincial and federal government in the education sector will bring the smooth operation of the education system of the country. He raised the issue of local bodies wrongly issuing permissions to new private schools under the Company Act. "The eighth amendment to the Education Act provisions that new schools shall be governed by Trust Act. The local bodies should immediately stop such irresponsible act," Minister Pokharel said.

He has requested the province minister to work co-operatively with the local government to make the upcoming school admission program to be started from 2nd of Baisakh, 2075 B.S. a success.

He also informed that the school admission program shall be completed within Baisakh of the next year.