New education act within 3 years



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In the time when the country is seeing a massive change in the structure of the law and authoritative bodies, education is an important area to be worked on.

One of the congress leaders and the member of parliament Gagan Thapa has stated that the new education act should be formulated within three years span of time. The new act should justify the federal structure of the country and be oriented as per the provincial law.

According to him, the state has made provisions for the primary education to be compulsory and free of cost to each of the Nepalese citizens and free secondary level education in the constitution. Therefore the education act should also be made accordingly to justify the federal law.

Lawmaker Thapa addressed the issue of the education in a program organized by the National Private and Boarding School Organization Nepal (NPABSON) on Thursday in Kathmandu. He mentioned the need of the an open discussion as how to make the education free of cost upto secondary level,

Leader Thapa also brought forward the issue of the private schools focusing on the importance of English language and the hype of English that’s being rooted in the Nepali society. He expressed his worry that the widespread popularity of English by stepping over Nepali language should be a problem for the preservation of our own norms and values.

The former lawmaker Gita Rana stated that acadmic calendar of the grade 11 and 12 should also be adjusted according to the grade 10 since the government has include 11 and 12 too in the secondary level education.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)