New Building of Bhagwati Secondary School being unused



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Inaruwa, 11 Falgun (RSS): In some places, students are forced to study in the open area due to the lack of buildings, whereas in other school students undertake risks by studying in old buildings.

This condition is seen in Bhagwati Secondary School, located in Sunsari District, Inaruwa – 1. Even though, three years have been completed since the three-storied building with 18 rooms was constructed with a cost of 30 Million (excluding VAT), students complained that classes were not started on the new building. They were taught in old room which had leaked tins. 

While the students are complaining about having to take risks to study, the three-storied building which consists of 18 rooms and was built in 2072 B.S. is unused. The tin roof leaked in the rainy seasons, and in the summer season, there would be an extreme temperature which made the student highly uncomfortable.

According to a local resident Shyamdev Mehta, the school building was constructed as a mark of Nepal-India Friendship, and the officials had to make excuses that the building was not handed over to them, and this had affected the students in the whole.

Mehta argued that the building should be used for the purpose it was built. Though the students were affected, the Nepal-India Friendship Building had not been handed over and as a result, the classroom could not be shifted to the new building, said Ganesh Pokhrel, a former student of Bhagwati Secondary School. 

Pokhrel informed that, though the alliance building of other regions in Sunsari district had been handed over due to the changes in the Indian Embassy, the building which had to be handed two years ago was shadowed. He also emphasized that all the concerned people should take initiative for the transfer of the school's buildings.

Meanwhile, Principal Purshottam Ghimire accepted that the building has not been used for three years, and steps had been taken to transfer the school building and operate the classes soon. Purshottam Ghimire said that the building not being used for three years was not to their interest but it was their compulsion.