Nepali Students of Engineering make a unique vehicle



Bachelor level students of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus have made a vehicle out of the scrap of the other old vehicles. The vehicle is a basic model and based on new technology. It has been given a local name as Motika.

Four students of the Mechanical engineering, Amit Pandit, Basanta Ale, Dipesh Budhathoki and Rabikanta Chaudhary have achieved the feat. They had made the car as a fourth year project under the supervision of the Associate Professor Nabaraj Bhattarai.

The vehicle is said to have the properties of the car and a motorbike. The speed of which is 70 kph on petrol and 17 kph on battery. The vehicle was proposed under the project name of “ Hybrid Tri-cycle” by the creator students.

The students have had already shown a zeal in engineering besides the academic course study by making a toy racing car named “go-cart”in 2070. They did this towards the end of first year of their Bachelor’s study.

The students had got their inspiration of this hybrid vehicle from the blockade of the petroleum imposed on Nepal in the boundaries in the year 2072 B.S. They had started brainstorming on the making of a vehicle which could run on both the petroleum and renewable sources. After the idea was conceived, the four started to collect the old parts of the motorbikes and the cars.

The future plans of these students is to open a workshop for making of the vehicles in Thapathali Campus. The budget of the vehicle was a joint effort of the students’ personal expenditure, campus, relatives and the teachers.

Although the students had got the funding from the University Grants Commission, they were unable to receive it as they are already passed out from the campus. The students suggest on adjusting the grants according to the University’s calendar. The engineers also suggest on making a policy for investment in the field of automobile production and research within the country.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)