Nepali student received Dr. Thomas Anthony Dooley Memorial Scholarship



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A 19 year old Nepali Student in Davenport Ahilya Khadka got Dr. Thomas Anthony Dooley Memorial Scholarship award.  During the award ceremony she was  surrounded by teachers, her mother and her brother.  "I am very happy for this news," says Babita Khadka, Ahilya's mother.

Davenport Central Principal, Scott McKissick said that she has has made an incredible mark in a very short time after coming from Nepal.  She's Harvard bound after moving here from Nepal."Congratulations, on behalf of the Dooley Scholarship Committee.  I'd like to present you with a $20,000.00 scholarship," He says.   

The Dooley Scholarship is awarded each year to a Davenport senior who is in the upper 10% of their class, and has an interest in the field of medicine.  Khadka is in the top one percent of her class, and is involved in key club, national honor society and is even captain of the central high scholastic bowl.  When she found out she would be awarded the scholarship last Friday, "It was just absolutely, absolutely amazing moment.  I don't know if I'd been anticipating about it, but I was definitely very excited.  You know, going through the whole process of applying for it, and then, you know, actually receiving the scholarship itself.  It's very exciting," says Khadka.

After graduating central, Khadka will be off to study Neurobiology and Economics at Harvard University, which is already paid for by several other scholarships.  This scholarship will pay for her education beyond her undergraduate degree. She was on a visit to Harvard when she first heard the news of the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal last Saturday.  her dad and grandparents were in the capital city of Kathmandu when the quake struck. 

"It was definitely a bittersweet moment for me, because I had been anticipating this weekend at Harvard for a long time, but then to hear about, you know, something like that right before I went out there, it was definitely very, very saddening," says Khadka.  Fortunately, her family is doing well after several aftershocks. 

While she can't be in her home country to help out, Khadka hopes to one day go back to Nepal and be a doctor.

Source: Agencies