Nepali Academy needs to be established in all the 7 provinces



The Nepal Academy, which was established six decades ago for the enrichment of art, language, literature and philosophy has been playing crucial role for the advancement of Nepali language along with other mother languages of the country.  The Academy having 11 departments including that of language, literature, culture, translation and philosophy has given its main focus on research and literature.  Chief of Academy Department of Mother Language, Shrawan Mukarung underlined the need for setting up of Academy in all seven provinces for the development of country enriched with diverse culture.  "The Academy has been regularly publishing books, magazines and literary magazines for the advancement of several languages including Nepal language, Tamang, Limbu, Maithli, Bhojpuri, Abadhi and Gurung language", he shared.  The Academy has been publishing 'Thaybhu' in Nepal language, 'Thaplang' in Limbu language and 'Agan' in Maithli language.  Mukarung said that the government should come up with special policy and programme for the protection of our mother language and culture.  He also called for literary community, readers and other concerned agencies to put efforts from their ends for further expansion of the learning store of mother languages.  "The expansion and enrichment of mother languages of the country will further enhance cooperation, good will and coordination among different languge community people", he noted.