​Nepal Medical Council to verfiy certificate of all Doctors



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Nepal Medical Council (NMC) has started verifying academic certificates of registered doctors and those who have applied for the NMC licence. NMC is a government body, which regulates doctors and medical colleges in the country. The NMC certificate is a must for any medical graduate to practice medicine.

NMC is coordinating with the HSEB and the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) to verify the academic credentials of around 17,000 registered doctors. Also, each year the council gets applications from around 400 MBBS graduates for licensing exams that are held three times a year.

After the arrest of 15 doctors in the past month, the NMC has been getting many complaints of fake certificates of medical practitioners. “We will focus on individual cases but the verification of all the doctors will also proceed along,” said Dr Krishna Adhikari, spokesperson for the NMC.

To this end, the NMC is forming a permanent structure consisting of officials from the NMC, the HSEB, the OCE and the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to look into the matter.

The NMC has been coordinating with the HSEB to verify the higher secondary certificates acquired from other countries including India. Dr Adhikari said a majority of the certificates of the arrested doctors were forged documents of the Bihar Intermediate Education Council (BIEC). To verify the certificates obtained from Bihar, India, officials from the HSEB and the NMC are planning to visit the BIEC with the doctors’ list.

The CIB has been investigating a case involving around 200 doctors at the NMC’s request. Fifteen of them have been arrested already.