National Vigilance Centre (NVC) seeks clarification from CTEVT



The National Vigilance Centre (NVC) has launched an investigation to find out why the marksheets issued by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) contained errors.

The anti-graft body has termed the haphazard marking "intentional" and that it favoured candidates in the selection procedures for volunteering at the National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS), which is under the National Planning Commission (NPC).

The NVC, after an initial investigation, found ample errors on the marksheets presented by prospective volunteers. The irregularity of the marks have also been realised by the CTEVT. After the first round of investigation, the NVC demanded clarification within a month on the misuse of the marksheets.

Sher Bahadur Dhungana, NVC under-secretary, said the CTEVT had crossed the ethics of a proper education system. "Our investigation shows that the CTEVT has committed the errors that are very noticeable. Some marksheets contain the total marks possible and in others, failing marks have been termed pass marks. A reputed educational board like the CTEVT has utterly failed to be responsible for students' future. This can lead to a negative image of Nepal, nationally and internationally." said Dhungana.

"Although the CTEVT has eaten humble pie, we have asked them to submit all the records of the registered marksheets till date. Further investigation will be carried out after that."

The CTEVT's wrongdoing came to light when the NVDS called for applications for volunteers from various fields and sectors and received marksheets that were poorly and haphazardly scored. The case was then presented to the vigilance centre by the NVDS for investigation.

However, CTEVT Member Secretary Jay Bahadur Tandon said that the old marksheets were not marked with intentional errors. "These erroneous marksheets are from a time when there was no office of the Examination Controller and we lacked proper computer technology. These were merely human errors and not very huge and should be judged accordingly."

Tandon also said that the CTEVT had been carrying out an investigation with its officers who are mostly retired by now. "We are conducting a microscopic investigation and also reaching out to students who hold such marksheets" said Tandon.

Recently, the CTEVT was also accused of leaking question papers and issuing fake certificates.

(Source: Ekantipur)