Nation becomes prosperous through development of technical education



Parsa, Dec 22 (RSS): Chief Minister of Province no 2 Lalbabu Raut Gaddi has announced that all daughters to be born within the province would be insured from January 15, 2019.  

 He said the province government has made preparations to implement the insurance scheme to help in the education of daughters born in the province for making the ‘Beti Bachai, Beti Padhai (Save Daughters, Educate Daughters)’ campaign declared by the province government.  

 The Chief Minister was addressing the Convocation Function of the Birgunj Public College here in Birgunj today. He believed that the insurance scheme would prove to be a milestone in stopping the child marriage and dowry system prevalent in the Tarai.  

 Chief Minister Gaddi stated that the province government has made provisions for 50 per cent reservation to women in the police force with the thinking that the nation and the society become prosperous only when daughters are educated and employed.  

 He also underscored the need of going for the promotion of technical and vocational education as formal education alone would not suffice for the development of the country, adding that the province government was doing the home work for making Province 2 as the hub of technical education. 

 Chief Minister Gaddi presented certificates to 131 students completing MBA, MBS, BBA and BBS degrees from various educational institutions.  Manager of Birgunj Public College Deepak Shakya presided over the programme.