Myagdi's teacher did not receive Salary



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Babiyachaur, Myagdi, 2 Falgun (RSS): Three local level teachers of Myagdi have not received their second quarter salary of the current fiscal year.

The school teachers, staffs and child education helpers of the community school in Beni Municipality, Raghuganga and Annapurna VDC have not yet received the salary that they were supposed to receive last Mangshir.

Ramesh Singh Thakuri, Principal of Raghuganga Intermediate School, located in Raghunga -3 VDC, said that due to ignorance of local level public representative, apathetic staffs, carelessness of educational ministry and lack of coordination of education office has resulted in the delay of salary payments.

With the state restructuring, the Education Ministry has handed over 23 powers to the local level including distribution of teacher’s salary, scholarships and budgets regarding purchase of books. Chairman of the Nepal National Teachers Organization Myagdi, Jayaram Subedi, said that teachers were in a trouble due to delay in distribution of the salary payments by the local levels.

The teachers of the Annapurna village have not yet received full salary even of the first quarter. Subedi informed that though other local level teachers of Myagdi have received salary, the VDC of Benapa, Raghuganga and Annapurna with even after the two months of the delay could not provide the salary which has led to the decision of starting a movement.

He accused the elected people’s representative, who was interested towards the transfers of teachers and appointment of new teachers, demonstrated irresponsibility with an irregular distribution of salaries.1134 teachers in three local levels i.e. 554 teachers in Beni Municipalities, 278 in Raghuganga and 308 teachers in Annapurna VDC have been deprived of their salaries.

Due to ignorance of the local level, teachers said that, budgets for upcoming year with purchase of textbooks and scholarship could not be released.

Narayan Chappagain, Chief Administrative Officer of Raghuganga VDC said that with the Ministry of Education not distributing budget according to the requirement, no presence of staff to see the education branch and with only one accountant not being able to do much work there has been a delay for the payment to teachers.

He said that preparations will be initiated in the Ministry for management of due budget and to withdraw budget in a few days. Vice Chairman Keshmaiah Magar of Annapurni VDC said that the Ministry of Education has sent 30 percent less budget than required for the teacher's salary, adding that initiative has been initiated for the demand of additional budget in the ministry.