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Motherland English Boarding School Run British Council Initiative

July 17, 2022
Motherland English Boarding School Run British Council Initiative
KMC Lalitpur

Motherland English Boarding School, a partner institute of The British College, has launched the new “EDGE Project”: A British Council initiative to empower girls' education.

The EDGE (Education and Digital for Girls Education) Project focuses on improving the prospects of teenage girls by building their English, ICT, and social skills.The initiative began at Motherland School on 29th June and will run until the end of April 2022. A group of 20 girls were selected following an English evaluation that determined those who would benefit most from the programme and it is already proving to be a great success. 

Manager of the School, Shanker Pudasaini, delivers the two hour sessions each week and said of the initiative, “We want to give girls the access to learn about their rights and responsibilities, and provide them with equal opportunities in order to improve their future prospects”. 

Motherland English Boarding School, Chitwan was established in 1997, and was acquired by The British College in 2021. TBC bought the School with the objective of providing students in remote areas with the opportunity to access world class education at a fraction of the cost, and continue their mission to transform the shape of education in Nepalese society.

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