Most public hospitals defying NPHL directives


Himalayan News Service

A majority of the public hospitals operating across the country do not send the analysis reports of the samples sent to them by the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), a national regulatory body of the laboratory, for evaluating their lab standard. 

Only 46 percent of the public laboratories operating at the government hospitals submit their analysis reports, according to NPHL. 

The NPHL regularly sends samples taken from human body to public and private laboratories of the hospitals and health institutions and seek their analysis report. The NPHL also analyzes the same samples and compare its report with the report of the laboratories. 

“We have written formal letters to the regional health directors to direct the laboratories in their respective regions to send their analysis reports,” Executive Director of NPHL Dr Shakya said. “We wrote to the regional directors as the labs didn´t heed our requests,” she added. To get the reports within the stipulated time, the NPHL has now started sending samples through courier services. But some hospitals still send their reports after the deadline. 

The NPHL has categorized the analysis reports of these laboratories as excellent, good, satisfactory, and need to improve. 

“Very few reports are excellent. More reports come under “good” and “satisfactory” categories,” she revealed. NPHL said the reports of “satisfactory” and “need to improve” categories are not authentic and patients cannot rely on such reports. NPHL, however, does not reveal the names of the hospitals whose reports come under such categories.

The NPHL provides special training to the staffers of the hospital laboratories whose reports come under the “need to improve” category. Dr Shakya said NPHL has not been able to provide training to the technicians in the current fiscal year due to lack of budget. “We have to provide training to representatives of 30 laboratories but have yet to receive budget,” she said.

(Source: Republica Nepal)