MoE to publish draft of education bills in a week



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The Ministry of Education (MoE) is working to published the first draft of the bills on education for provinces and local bodies within a week. In the context of federalism being implemented in the country, the Ministry of Education (MoE) started drafting the education bills for provinces and local bodies, according to MoE officials.

 A three-member task-force headed by Dr Had Prasad Lamsal, spokesper-son for the MoE, has been formed for drafting the bills. The taskforce includes Purushottam Nepal, joint-secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, and Babu Ram Paudel, director general at the Department of Education. "We began the work about a week ago," said "We are rigorously working to incorporate the federal policies at the local levels," he said. About six months ago, the government issued a 23-point guideline for consolidation of national laws with the provincial and local laws. "On the basis of the guidelines, we are drafting separate education bills for provinces and local bodies," said Lamsal. The bills prepared by the MoE will need approval of the provincial parliaments concerned and local bodies for their enforcement. The MoE plans to bring out the first draft of these bills within a week. "We will complete the first draft within a week and present them for discus-sion among stakeholders," Lamsal concluded. There are seven provinces and 753 local bodies across the country as per the Constitution of Nepal 2015.

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