Mobile library in a community school of Kapilvastu



The Lumbini Cultural Municipality of Kapilvastu has started a new concept in the teaching learning process.  Students of the Tenuhawa Community Secondary School have been enjoying reading books in the mobile library started by the municipality.

A bus full of systematically organized books is a matter of enjoyment and learning for the students. There are bookshelves inside the bus which have been stocked with thousands of books. The initiative is made to establish a habit of learning in the students and make the learning process better and enjoyable by the extracurricular activities.

Books in the diverse fields have been kept in the library. Books of history, geography, folk culture, science, literature, entertainment, social studies and English subjects are kept in the library. Similarly, IELTS preparation materials, general knowledge, Nepali to English dictionary, poems and story books are also available for the students.

There are over four thousand books in the library. It also includes the audio-visual set up to understand the books by this medium. The library has been in the municipality for three weeks which will also cover nearby Karuna Girls College, Metta Gurukul, Linson Secondary School and a madrasa.

According to the director of the Satori organization, Pranabman Singh, the library is kept for 3 to 5 days in one school. Students are taught as how to navigate the books in the library. They are also taught to seek for the creative knowledge. Additionally, children are taught the art of speech, drawing, time management and creative ways of learning. Teachers are also given the knowledge of better teaching practices with creative and extracurricular activities. This has led to better environment in the classrooms and explored the hidden talent of the students.

(Source: Kantipur)