Mobile jammers used in the NMC licensing examination



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Nepal Medical Council has used Moble Jammer in the licensing exam of medical students that  was taken on saturday. This is te first time that this technology has been used in the licensing exam of Medical examination.

This technology does not let the mobile to be run within a certain area of the device used. There were 1 thousand 6 hundred and 38 MBBS passed and 3 hundred and 5 BDS passed student who took the exam.

The council had had forbidden to take even the watch and pen inside the exam hall. The licensing exam was taken in the Nepal Army Academy of Health Science, College of Medicine, Bhandarkhal where 3 mobile jammers were used during the examination.

The speaker Krishna Adhikari explained that electronic devices  were strictly prohibited. Pens were provided by the council itself so that any use of any hi-tech pen would not be done to cheat in the exam. Before this, mobile jammers were used in the MBBS and BDS examinations of the Institute of Medicine.