Ministry of Education will distribute E-id card to students


Himalayan News Service

The Ministry of Education will be distributing electronic Identity cards to school students to track them in case of change in school or residential address.

According to MoE, students’ ID cards will help sort out various problems existing in the education sector.

Nakul Baniya, under secretary at MoE today said student electronic ID cards would resolve problems related to students and teachers.

He said, “Student ID cards will have certain code number with photo making it easier to recognise them and also to get basic information about them through card number,” adding that students would have the same code number from early school to Grade XII. “Electronic ID cards will give exact number of students enrolled in schools without repetition,” he said adding, “It will help the government allocate appropriate budget for their development.” He said the ID cards will also help the government know the student drop out rate and enable it to launch new policies.

(Source: The HImalayantimes)