Ministry of Education (MoE) officials uninformed on formation of commission


Himalayan News Service

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Though the cabinet formed a 17-member high-level education commission  on March 27 under the chairmanship of Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav, officials at the Ministry of Education today said that they were unaware about its formation as they have not yet received any formal notice.

MoE officials claimed that they have not yet received any formal letter of formation of education commission and said they got to know about it through the media.Dr Hari Lamsal, spokesperson, MoE said that he has not yet received any decision of formation of education commission and could not say anything about it.He said, “Education commissions were formed in the past too. Thus it could also be similar to those commissions.”

Dr Laba Deo Awasthi, joint-secretary, MoE said that he was also waiting for the formal decision from the Cabinet.He said, “The issue of forming a high-level commission to study the overall situation of education in the country and recommend some preventive measures was being discussed since a long time, thus the present commission could have been formed with the same mandate.”

“May be the decision made by the policy makers in the Education Ministry was not able to provide accessible and skilled education to the public, thus an independent body with members from outside the ministry was formed,” he said.

Kedar Bhakta Mathema, educationist and former vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University  is the vice-chairperson of the Education Commission.

Mathema is also the coordinator of the task force formed by Cabinet three months ago for drafting health education policy. Thus, he is busy preparing a report that will determines the health education policy.Affiliation to new medical colleges is also dependent on the report to be submitted by the Mathema-led task force.He said, “I am quite busy preparing report for the health education policy, thus it was very difficult to give time to the new education commission.”