Ministry of Education to initiate a project worth 60 million in technical education and training



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Ministry of Education has decided upon the investment of 60 million USD money on the technical education and training. The ministry is venturing into the project with the financial help of world bank through the Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT) program of the ministry.

The project is determined to be completed in 5 years after which about 1 lac 15 thousand Nepali citizens are hoped to have received the technical training. Similarly, 1 thousand 5 hundred youths would be given employment, 100 institutions would be upgraded in quality, certification of 30 thousand students and scholarship for 6 thousand students of the technical field.

As the first session of the project, 4 thousand students would be given the skill training and 5 hundred students would be provided scholarship this year, informed the EVENT coordinator Tek Narayan Pandey. He further added that the students studying in CTEVT as per their financial, academic and social conditions would be evaluated for the consideration in the scholarships. Short duration training of 3 months would be conducted in 3 districts and long duration training should be conducted in 46 districts of the country. 36 subjects that have high demand in the market have been selected for the training.

The individuals having trained are eligible to start a trade only after receiving the certificate from National Skill Development Committee.

The project will run till 2022 A.D. A similar project was run from 2011 to 2016 by the EVENT in aid of World Bank.  The project had been claimed to be successful where above 1 lac people had received the training. Coordinator Pandey stated that the success of the first project should have brought the proposal of the second project form the World Bank.

(Source: Annapurna Post)