Ministry of Education directed to probe MBBS question paper leaking scam


Republica National Daily

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The Parliamentary Good Governance and Monitoring Committee on Monday directed Ministry for Education (MoE) to probe into the leakage of MBBS Scholarship entrance exam question papers.

A meeting held at Singh Durbar today directed the MoE to submit the report to the committee after probing the case within 15 days. 

According to Sherdhan Rai, Chairman of the Good Governance and Monitoring Committee, his committee ordered the MoE to probe the alleged involvement of the MoE officials in question papers leaking scam as there has been speculation in the media regarding the their involvement in the case.

The House committee has also drawn the attention of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) for strong action against the culprits.

The committee had summoned the Minister for education Chitra Lekha Yadav, Secretary Biswa Prakash Pandit and other officials and held discussion over the case today.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Yadav expressed her ignorance about selling of question papers and possible involvement of MoE officials in the scam. She further said that her ministry is carrying out investigation over the scam.

The CIAA had arrested eight people including Director of NAME Institute for Medical Education Dr Navin Sharma for their alleged involvement in leaking MBBS entrance exam question papers last week. 

The other arrestees are including Deviram Pandey, director of Golden Gate International College, Khechar Lal Sapkota aka Harihar, a teacher at Golden Gate College, Dr Prabhat Kumar Kushwaha and Maheshwor Prasad Yadav for selling question papers to nine students for Rs 1 million each. 

The MBBS question paper was leaked just a few hours ahead of the MBBS entrance examination on December 6.