Millions spent on scholarships, but achievements nil



Even though the government has invested millions in scholarships for employees, they have not been able to attract them to government services. In government scholarship, the children of the employees have become doctors, engineers, nurses, agricultural and forest technicians. Only in this scholarship, the government has disbursed 60 Crores 41 lakhs in the year 2073/74. There is a plan to distribute additional 14 Crores for the year 2074/75. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has got the responsibility to distribute scholarships. The sum of scholarships is set up to be in the range of 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.

There is also a charge that the ministry has violated the directives of distributing scholarships. There is a provision in the directive 072 for the students who receive scholarships in doctor, engineer, nurse, agriculture, forestry and others to mandatorily be a part of the government service after the completion of their courses.

The Ministry has started giving children scholarship for the purpose of encouraging the civil servants from the financial year 066/67. During the period of seven years (from 2066/67 to 2073- 74) only 2 thousand, 877 children have received various scholarship topics and for this current year to distribute scholarships to 700 students. 

The report recently publicized by the Auditor General said that even though millions of rupees were invested in the scholarships program, the government has not been able to achieve the result as per the investment. 

There is an arrangement for the collection in the amount of money received in the scholarships along with the interest, if the students who have received scholarships do not do the work ordered by the government, and change the subjects. After the students received scholarships the government has not made any study about the students who received scholarships.  

Shivaram Neupane, the secretary spokesperson of general administration department, has also said that even though thousands of scholarships have been provided and hundreds of manpower were produced they were not able to make them participate in government works.

There is great lack of Engineers and Doctors in various departments of the government but the government has not been able to make them work. 

In most of the 753 local levels, there is a lack of technician and engineers. However, the engineers, who have been studying in scholarship, have not even been able to work there.

Secretary Neupane said that the departments had not demanded officials even though there was a lack of proper manpower to the general administration, which as a result was the main cause for not issuing work to the students who received scholarships.

Spokesperson Neupane said that ‘Procedures are now being made to assign works to the children of officials who have been provided with scholarships.’