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Medical Students Receive Scholarship Opportunities to Support Their Education

February 12, 2024
Medical Students Receive Scholarship Opportunities to Support Their Education
KMC Lalitpur

Shuklaphanta Municipality is extending a scholarship program to students pursuing studies in medicine (MBBS) at a community school. This initiative specifically targets economically disadvantaged and deserving students who aspire to pursue their MBBS studies. The municipality has invited applications from students within its jurisdiction who have a permanent residence and are interested in studying MBBS.

Mr. Tikendraraj Bhatta, the Head of the Education, Youth, and Sports Division, has informed that the scholarship provides financial assistance to underprivileged and deserving students who wish to study MBBS. The municipal scholarship program is part of the local government's efforts to support aspiring medical professionals from marginalized backgrounds and families facing economic hardship.

The application process for the MBBS scholarship program, as per the guidelines established in the Operational Procedure for MBBS Study Scholarship 2080, started on the fifth day of the month. The public announcement, including all relevant documents and details, was made to facilitate the application process for interested students.

Notably, the municipality allocates a budget of NPR 5 million annually for students pursuing MBBS studies. This funding supports financially disadvantaged students with permanent residence within the municipal area. The scholarship program is administered and managed by the Scholarship Management and Distribution Committee, which operates under the guidance of the Municipal Chief.

The Scholarship Management and Distribution Committee, led by the Municipality Chief Coordinator, Mr. Ramesh Bahadur Ayer, ensures a systematic and transparent approach to organizing and distributing the scholarships. The committee aims to make the scholarship program an instrument of social development and address medical professionals' scarcity by encouraging students to pursue MBBS studies.

Mr. Ramesh Bahadur Ayer, while emphasizing the importance of filling the gap in the availability of healthcare professionals, highlighted that the scholarship program is designed to provide financial support to aspiring medical students from the municipality. The committee also intends to contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services by producing a skilled workforce in the medical field.

In conclusion, the municipality's scholarship program for MBBS studies alleviates financial burdens for economically challenged students and is crucial in fostering the growth of qualified medical professionals in the local community.

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