​Medical study of Nepal seeing positive changes



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Institute of Medicine, Maharjgunj, TU has been admitting students strictly on merit basis from this academic session. Currently, students are evaluated to get admission into MBBS program on the basis of scores they have obtained in the entrance examination and their academic background. As per Dr. Govind KC’s demand the fees had been fixed as per the Government’s criteria but the medical colleges continued to charge the exorbitant price for admission to the students.

The regulations have been followed when the team of Dr. Jagdish Agrawal entered the IOM. Currently, half of the fees collected from students are to be deposited in the bank account of the Institute itself. Students who have scored on the top are being called and interacted, asked for the preferred college of choice and then considered for the admission.

After the students are admitted to the University, the namelist of the selected students are sent to the respective medical colleges. This way the colleges are not able to bargain with the students and draw additional unnecessary fees from the students. Also, students have to be get enrolled by a specified limit of time by the colleges.

According to IOM, medical colleges ahve also payed the long imending amount of money for the renewal process. The colleges affiliated to TU only had paid over 6 crores in only last year for the renewal when the IOM gave the ultimatum for them about the seat allocation only on the condition of the clearance of the renewal process.

The cost of MD has also be limited to 31 lakhs from over 1 crore by the team of Agrawal. The team has also set addition 4 criteria for the seat allocation to the medical colleges. These 4 criteria encompass the 10% score of the total for the seats in MBBS. One quater of the scores is determined by the college fees taken by the colleges. For this reason, the colleges are obliged to admit the students within the specified amount of the fees. Additionally, criteria are also set for the appointment of the assistant dean of IOM. The course of dental studies is also to be soon started in IOM. Dr. Agrawal states that the attempts in the improvement of Medical studies in the country will be continued by the team