Medical council’s proposal on licensing gathers dust at ministry


The Kathmandu Post

Arjun Poudel, Kathmandu- A Nepal Medical Council proposal to bar those individuals from practising medicine who have failed the council’s licensing test for 10 times has remained unaddressed.

“We had sent the proposal to the Ministry of Health and Population four years ago, because we believe that those who fail the licensing test for 10 times cannot provide proper treatment to patients” NMC Chairman Dharmakanta Baskota told the Post. The ministry is yet to respond to the council’s proposal.

The proposal was submitted when Ram Janam Chaudhary was the health minister. “Six ministers have changed since I submitted the proposal to the ministry, but no one has taken the proposal seriously,” said Baskota. “Frequent change of leadership at the ministry could be the reason our proposal has not been addressed.” According to the council, it has a record of one doctor who had failed 34 times in the licensing test.