Medical Council to investigate the hospital misconduct



The ethical committee of the Medical Council has decided to investigate the recent misconduct of the Norvic Hospital. A surgery was done wrong by the doctors of the hospital. The surgery which was to be conducted in the right leg of the patient was done in the left leg of the patient Bindu Paudel of  Chitwan.

According to a member of the council Bishnu Dawadi, the doctors responsible for the surgery have been called by giving an official notice and have been told to be present for the statement in the council by Tuesday. The  doctors present in the surgery were Dr. Prabin Nepal and Dr. Sailesh Ranjitkar who have already confessed their mistakes. The hospital has come to an agreement with the victim's family to provide the treatment of both the legs of the free of cost.  If the treatment is not possible in the country then the victim would be taken outside of the country.

The hospital has also agreed to provide the lifelong treatment for the patient. The council has stated that the responsible doctors for the misconduct would first be interrogated and then could be suspended from the duty for up-to 3 months as per the explanation.

(source: Kantipur)